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Welcome to the Home of the Blue Knights

2016-17 Season Registration Now Open

To register your player(s) please click on the link below and follow the directions.  It is the same format/set up as last season.

It is a detailed (some say tedious!) process that requires you to enter your child's medical history and emergency contact info.  Please read each section carefully and follow the instructions along the way.  Parents registering multiple players need to pay particular attention.  

You will also two documents below the link to register:

  • USA Hockey Age Classification
  • 2016-17 SYHI Fee Structure 

2016-17 Midget Program Overview

Saratoga Youth Hockey (SYHI) will present a pre-high school program from September 6th through November 5th.  The program will feature 2 ice sessions most weeks and up to 6 home game/scrimmage slots.

The pre high school program will be run by Jeff Whiteside, who brings years of coaching experience, including a state championship and several seasons supporting our BHS programs.

The preseason program will be priced at $300 (previous programs were priced at $400).  A registration link will be posted here by August 26th.

SYHI will also present a full-season program which will run from Mid-October through March.  This program will once again be coached by John Towers. 

The cost of the full season program is $1,175.  Players signing up for the full season program can participate in the pre-season program at no cost (see next paragraph). Players can register by clicking here.

Both coaches agree that it is likely that the two groups will share ice for the last several weeks in order to keep costs low and ensure highly competitive practice sessions and full rosters for games. 


Dear SYHI Family,

If I've learned anything since I started playing hockey twenty-something years ago, it's that the hockey community is one of the strongest, most awesome and close-knit groups there is.  Thoughout the seasons, we build life-long friendships that turn into family.  Cooler still is that our family isn't just within the walls of the Saratoga Blue Knights locker rooms.  We all know that when we leave the area, stangers become immediate family too, the second we find out their love for our sport.       

Today, I'm sending this note in hopes of convincing you to help one of our own.  Last year, Collette Pincheon, whose kids Taylor, Jordan, Paige and Maddie have all been a part of the SYHI family, struggled through treatment for breast cancer.  Last week, Collette was told that her cancer had spread to her brain.  She will start radiation treatment at Albany Med, hopefully next week.  In the meantime, she cannot work and has 4 very strong kids who need help. 

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for Collette and her family to help with anything from gas to drive to her treatments and medicine to help with side-effects, to groceries and lost wages.  The goal was set for $5000, but I think we can help to blow that out of the water.  Please consider giving, even if it's only a few dollars.

There is also a Meal Train sign up for families who would like to bring dinner.  Click this link if you might be able to help with that. .

Thank you for anything you can give to Collette and her family and I know prayers are welcomed too.  

Molly McMaster Morgoslepov

SYHI Grow the Game Director