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Volunteer Dibs


     As a not-for-profit organization,  SYHI is able to continue to operate and provide quality programs for children, solely through the dedication of volunteers. Volunteer participation of all SYHI members in tasks related to the efficient operations of the Association is critical. Help us continue in its pursuit of excellence at all levels... volunteer for the benefit of your own as well as other children enrolled in our programs.


     Each family that has a player on full-season travel teams Squirt-Bantam is required to work 20 hours.  

Mite House & Mite Select families are required to work 6 hours.

The volunteer committment fee for Full Season Midgets is 10 hours.


Snack Bar Shifts:

     The Snack Bar is located in the Weibel Rink. You need to sign up for shifts ONLINE through our new website using DIBS.  Once you have signed up for a shift, you will receive an email 24 hours prior to your shift as a reminder.   If you sign up and cannot make it, it is your responsibility to find a replacement to fill in for you.  If you sign up for a shift and do not fulfill your obligation to work, the Snack Bar Director may penalize your account 1.5 hours (for each hour) of the unworked shift.   When you have finished working your shift be sure to sign your name in the book left in the snack bar for shift verification. You should keep track of all dates and times that you have worked in case of any discrepancies.

     If you are at the rink and the Snack Bar is not open during posted hours, you are encouraged to get the key from the Zamboni drivers and volunteer. Please sign your name in the book left in the snack bar and email our Snack Bar Director to receive credit for your shift. Remember, SYHI is an all-volunteer organization. We encourage you to volunteer when you see a need.  


     You can log into your online account via our website throughout the season to verify hours worked to date.  


Tournament Shifts
     In addition to the Snack Bar, you can get hours credited for Home Tournaments for keeping score, running the clock, working the snack bar and raffle table. The Tournament Volunteer Hours will also be done via the website using DIBS.
     In the beginning of each season there are training sessions held for the Snack Bar, clock and score keeping.  These are for our newcomers and anyone wishing to learn any of these operations.  The dates and times will be published in the newsletter, online and emailed to the address we have on file. 
     At the end of the season if you have not fulfilled your required hours you will be billed for the outstanding hours at the rate of $17 per hour which will be due on or before May 31st.

Questions or Additional Information Please Contact :