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Board of Director Position Descriptions

Officer Positions:

President: Frank Ovitt

  • General manager of the organization
  • Chairs executive committee and board of directors
  • Maintains a thorough understanding and comprehension of all aspects of the organization
  • Represents SYHI in all relationships with outside organizations (Northern Zone, NYSAHA, USA Hockey)
  • Manages relationship with rink manager/city officials
  • Attends all required Zone and NYS meetings
  • Manages all public relations, publicity, media events
  • Interprets By-Laws and safeguards integrity of organization through building consensus, transparency, and communication at all levels of the organization

Vice President-Operations: Steven Welch
  • Manages all organization Equipment needs (pucks, practice jerseys, medical kits, goals, RWB equipment, cross ice pads, etc.)
  • Attends all required Zone and NYS meetings as needed
  • Executive committee member who oversees integrity of all policies, procedures, and positions
  • Assists President as a member of the executive committee, acting as President in his/her behalf when President is not available or not in attendance
  • Oversees process to facilitate all team pictures, trophies, and plaque programs

ACE: Anthony Kenney
  • Acts as General manager of coaching staff
  • Chairs Coaching selection committee
  • Manages all aspects of coaching with ADM Director management
  • Represents SYHI at coaching forums.
  • Works closely with directord to manage all aspects of USA hockey coaching requirements, screenings, & certifications
  • Manages all aspects of coaching performance evaluations

Treasurer: Shane Waters

  • Develops budget and all billing processes
  • Handles all government filings in a timely manner
  • Ensures proper auditing procedures are followed per by-laws of SYHI
  • Chairs finance committee
  • Reports P&L to executive committee on monthly or quarterly basis
  • Executive committee member who oversees integrity of all policies, procedures, and positions

Secretary: Craig Durant
  • Responsible for setting agenda and managing minutes for all board and member meetings
  • Works with treasurer to ensure all filings ( insurance, snack bar, membership, and government) are up to date and submitted in a timely manner
  • Attends all required Zone and NYS meetings
  • Executive committee member who oversees integrity of all policies, procedures, and positions

Director Positions:

Registrar Team

Registrar: Kelly Linn
  • Responsible for all player registration activities, collection of required forms and dues
  • Maintains registration policies including managing of the on-line registration tool
  • Maintains updated master league roster at all times
  • Participates on finance committee and chairs committee in Treasurer’s absence
  • Communicates any requirements, issues and special requests to BOD
  • Coordinates distribution of registration Raffle Tickets
  • Executive committee member who oversees integrity of all policies, procedures, and positions
  • Responsible for USA Hockey Portal membership registration (compliance with team roster approvals, date of birth verification, coach compliance with requirements per USA Hockey)

Assistant Registrar: Open


Scheduling Team

Master Ice Scheduler: Steven Welch
  • Develops efficient and fair ice utilization to insure lowest cost to our membership
  • Communicates ice schedule to membership in a timely manner throughout the year
  • Manages city contract and negotiations with city, working closely with executive committee
  • Manages relationship with rink management
  • Works with tournament/special event director to schedule all tournament game ice
  • Participates on finance committee
  • Executive committee member who oversees integrity of all policies, procedures, and positions


Master Referee Scheduler: John Phillips

  • Ensures scheduling of all home game and home tournament referees. 
  • Reviews related billing.


Assistant to the Scheduler: Open

  • Schedule Locker Rooms Assignments.
  • Post assignments weekly.
  • Double check/ assist ice and ref schedulers as needed.


On Ice Team

VP - Ace / On-Ice Committee (part of Exec Committee):

ADM Director: Anthony Kenney

  • Liaison between Board and Coaching Family
  • Ensure SYHI coaches are adhering to adopted SYHI ADM guidelines
  • Assists VP and On-Ice team as needed 

Assistant to the Ace:

  • Ensure coaches are aware of USA Hockey requirements
  • Ensure coaches are up to date on all on-line modules, training clinics and required back ground checks 
  • Assists the Registrar Team as needed

SYHI Head Goalie Coach:

  • Develop a comprehensive Mite to Midget goalie training program
  • Coordinate Goalie Skills/Training Sessions
  • Communicate with goalie parents as needed

Safe Sport Team:  Open (2 positions)

  • Ensure SYHI is in compliance with USA Hockey Safe Sport Program
  • Assist Registrar Team as needed with reporting
  • Communicate to coaches and required volunteers about Safe Sport and their individual requirements

Learn to Skate Director: Travis Higbee

  • Coordinate our Fall and Winter Learn to Skate program
  • Help craft program in partnership with contracted partner
  • Communicate with Mite Level Director about kids who are ready to move up.

Grow the Game Coordinator: Molly Morgoslepov, Mike Montelone

  • Execute USA Hockey sponsored campaigns to grow the sport of youth hockey; typically a fall event focused on girls and a Try Hockey for Free Day in February.
  • Promote SYHI Grow the Game efforts.
  • Secure and coordinate needed volunteers.

On Ice Committee: Welch, Caswell, Morgoslepov, Tolan

  • Assist the VP / Ace as needed
  • Liaison with coaches; assisting with ADM and on-ice related needs as they arise
  • Help develop and coordinate annual try out process
  • Participate on ad hoc grievance and disciplinary committee

Level Directors

Learn to Skate: Rodney Eddy
Mite: Rodney Eddy
Mite Select: Craig Durant
Squirt: Mike Montelone
Pee Wee: John Phillips
Bantam: Steven Welch
Midget: Shane Waters
  • Ensures league guidelines and policies are followed in respective divisions
  • Acts as the liaison between the BOD and coaches and parents within their respective division
  • First Mediator of issues within their division
  • Reports any un-resolved issues or violations within their division to executive committee or BOD in a timely manner
  • Manages and coordinates Conditioning and Tryouts for respective level
  • Participates in coaching selection committee
  • Ensures accurate and timely team rosters and finances are reported to the BOD
  • Communicates all aspects of team activities (try-outs, player selections, schedules, travel details, special events, etc.) to division players, parents, and to the website
  • Coordinates all tournaments with Tournament Director, Master ice scheduler, and tournament coordinators
  • Maintains & updates Registrar any team changes that arise.

Tournament/Special Event Director: Melinda Guyette
  • Formulates tournament/event schedule and readies for website per guidelines of Traveling Teams, Inc. contract
  • Maintains list of tournament/event contacts for all teams
  • Pre-screens teams for competitive balance
  • Markets Tournaments & Events to outside organizations and effectively executes the tournaments from start to finish
  • Ensures all credentials, including rosters and fees are received and communicated to the appropriate parties in a timely manner
  • Coordinates with master ice scheduler and VP of Organizational Development to insure hotels and out of town revenues are maximized (vendor and t-shirt sales, etc.)

Snack Bar Team

Snack Bar Director: John Phillips
  • Manages all aspects of food and beverage services to meet DOH compliance and maximize revenues for SYHI
  • Develops and maintains snack bar policy and procedure
  • Maintains DIBS for tracking member volunteer hours
  • Coordinates on-site activities for vendors, merchandise, and team fundraising during tournaments and any other special events
  • Maintains all on-site merchandise sales through snack bar
  • Communicates any requirements, issues and special requests to board and/or executive committee as necessary

Vending Machine Manager: Bill Sarver

  • Order beverages as needed for snackbar and vending machines
  • Stock snackbar and vending machines

DIBS Manager: Mike Montelone

  • Enter DIBS schedule on syhi website
  • Communicate with Board and Membership about pressing needs
  • Periodically communicate with members with significant outstanding hours
  • Assist with end of year billing of unfulfilled hours

TVHL Representatives (2): Steven Welch (2nd VP TVHL) , Troy Caswell
  • Manages all aspects of Tech Valley Leage on behalf of SYHI.
  • Attends TVHL meetings & relays information back to SYHI Team Managers & Schedulers.
  • Assists TVHL Board, as needed

Team Uniforms and SYHI Merchandise: Frank Ovitt, Brad Chartrand

  • Negotiate uniform/merchandise contracts with vendors and present recommendation to the board
  • Coordinate sizing, ordering and delivering of all team uniforms
    • Attend fall conditioning skates, tryouts, initial practices
  • Secure and manager team volunteers to assist as needed

Website Editor, Communication Director: Kelly Linn
  • Maintains website, manages web-master to insure compliance & integrity of SYHI is maintained at all times.
  • Oversees SYHI newsletter (if board utilizes) and all communications to membership.

Sponsorship / Revenue Development Team: Rodney Eddy and Open
  • Manages all Corporate sponsorship & donations, bringing funds into the organization to offset costs for families playing in SYHI
  • Manages relationship with Traveling Teams, Inc. working closely with Tournament Director