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Evaluations Can Help

By Tim Grande, 01/21/13, 12:00AM EST


Avoid extinction...

Players and coaches can both benefit from objective evaluations designed to specifically identify areas for improvement.  The idea that vague thoughts cannot motivate specific behavior means that specificity is key to improvement.    It's not enough to say or think, "I'm going to get better."  We must identify the specific things we seek to improve and devise a method that addresses the processes involved in those things.  Consider using evaluations to help identify the things most in need of improvement.  Feedback is key to any improvement.  Lack of any feedback is referred to as extinction and is the least motivating response anyone can make to any action.  Avoid extinction; consider going to our links and resources page for sample evaluation forms from USA Hockey you can use to help improve your team.  Also consider soliciting feedback from your players, after all it is their opinions of what we do as coaches that often determine how long they stay in the sport, and like them we should be students of our own game, always seeking to improve what we're doing as coaches.