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Coaching Mission

By SYHI Board, 08/07/16, 12:59PM EDT


     SYHI depends on us.  The future of the game depends on us.  In our mission to grow the game by helping players foster a love for hockey, we must strive for excellence in what we do, what we bring to the rink in terms of good energy, good communication habits, preparedness, patience and a willingness to do what is necessary to effect positive change, for without it there can be no improvement.  We have to take fun seriously.  If we want our players to love hockey, we have to do our part or we risk draining their enthusiasm and losing them.

     USA Hockey takes this mission seriously and has invested a great deal of time and energy putting together the American Development Model (ADM). As part of that mission, they have revised the coaching education process in an effort to better equip coaches with the tools we will need to teach the game and sell it for life.  But, like the old practice motto “you get out what you put in,” the materials and resources will only benefit the participants if they are put to good use by the coaching staff.  Our structure must have a foundation.  We must do our part as a coach--a mentor for all those who look to us for guidance and support and leadership--to be as capable as we can be.

     We must familiarize ourselves with the ADM and what it all means.  We also must undergo the training required to implement the ADM both through the USA Hockey certification process and through our own exploration of resources and ideas.  As many of you know, USA Hockey has new CEP requirements, the three most significant being the SafeSport module, the age-specific level module requirement and the year-to-year level advancement requirement, all of which must be satisfied by Dec. 31.  SYHI will cover the USA Hockey fee for coaching certification.  For those of you getting into USA Hockey coaching for the first time, you must complete your level 1 certification at a clinic this coming fall.

     For those of you who got your level 1 last year, under the new year-to-year advancement requirement, you must take a level 2 this year; if you got your level 2 last year, you must take level 3.  In addition, all coaches including level 4s must take the module for the level they are coaching in that year by Dec. 31.

     Thanks for your dedication to the responsibilities of coaching the great game of hockey.

See you at the rink!