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2015-16 SYHI Fundraising Programs


There is a fundraising opportunity to sell holiday wreaths though Lynch Creek Farms

It's a simple fundraiser with *20%* of proceeds going directly back to your team’s account.

Lynch Creek will ship directly to the purchaser; *no collecting of funds or distribution necessary.* 

All it involves on the fundraiser's part is setting up a personalized website, which takes about 5 minutes, and sharing the link/marketing/talking it up.

I have set up a site for my son; Patrick's site is if you would like to check it out.

Please contact your team and find out who would like to participate. Please send me an email including your team's name as the subject line, with a list of names and emails for those from your team who would like to participate. They will be sent an email invitation to establish their own mini site.  Following this process will ensure you and your team is credited for all sales you generate.

Thank you!

Abbey Temple


SYHI teams are having success with a fundraising program offered by Hoffman's Car Wash. 

It is simple, sign your team up at the following link and follow the directions provided by the website!  All you will need is SYHI’s Federal ID #, which is: 51-0174953


About the program:

Hoffman Car Wash is dedicated to helping organizations meet fundraising goals for their communities. We do this with a program called Helping Hands.

Helping Hands is your fundraising solution. Selling Hoffman Car Wash Tickets issimple and quick and profitable. Your organization receives 50% profit on all of the Car Wash tickets sold! No minimum orders needed.

It's a perfect fundraiser for any sized school, church, organization, or group and works well at any time of the year. Let Helping Hands help you reach your fundraising goals by selling what everybody loves - a clean car!

Your Organization Benefits By: 

  • Having the option to sell two different car washes Raising money quickly
  • Joining forces with an established business
  • Fundraising without all of the expensive and time consuming paperwork
  • Providing car wash tickets that can be used by everyone